EPR Hospitality was started in 2019 with an aim to offer consultancy services to independent operators an all aspects of the hospitality industry. My main aim is to bring value to an owner or operator by forensically examining their business to ensure that every element is operating at its most efficient capability.

Acquisition Due Diligence

I can undertake pre-acquisition due diligence to offer piece of mind that the asset you are acquiring is capable of matching expectations for return on investment. This will enable you to close transactions faster and more efficiently.

Asset Management

I will help you to view your hotel property as a resource that generates income and other returns in multiple ways rather than just through the supply of products and services

Market Analysis

The hotels market is one of the most-highly competitive markets in which to operate. A detailed analysis of the market segmentation that serves an area can help to establish which segments are most profitable and will help your hotel gain an advantage. Looking at the trends in the area and understanding the peaks and troughs are essential to your success.

Profit and Loss Review

Detailed review of you revenue generating outlets to ensure all are reaching there full potential, re looking at in business allocations to ensure that these meet the needs of the business. Complete review of all costs and categorising as essential and discretionary to establish where savings can be made. Total review of KPI’s and benchmarking these against industry norms.

Case Studies That Transformed Hotels

Below are some of the Hotels that I have helped to achieve their goals. I can do the same for you.


18% increase in sales over 4 year

ADR increase 20% over 4 years

OTA commission less than 5% of room revenue


Development of Spa Facilities

Record 153 weddings in one year

Country Park development

New Project (29)


UKs first Trademark Hotel

2nd EMEA Customer service Award


Regional Manger for 3 HI Express Hotels

Crown Plaza

Holiday Inn